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Baby Shower

General Information

Traditionally, baby showers were exclusively female events, however it is becoming more common to involve fathers  and other male family members as well.

Events vary based on who is organizing the party. Check with the planner to see what you can help with - quite often there is a potluck element, so bring your famous dish!


What is popular product?

Clothing, blankets, baby toys, stroller, car seat


How much is appropriate?

Gift prices depend on what you send,but a typical minimum would be around $30.


Green & Green thought

Here are some of our favourite Baby Gifts:

The Firstborn (available in Pink & Blue)

#1 Fan (available in Pink & Blue)

Mommy & Me (available in Pink & Blue)

Wooden Blocks (available in English, French & Chinese)




General Information

Couples will often provide a wedding registry to their guests, which contains gift suggestions requested by the bride and groom. Choosing a gift from the wedding registry is always a safe bet, but never feel obligated to purchasing from the registry or limited to it!


What is popular product?

Kitchen appliances, bath/spa products, home décor items


Is there anything to avoid?

Avoid gifts that do not fit the couple’s lifestyle!

Baby items are inappropriate.

Fresh fruits or flowers are a nice gesture, but don’t send those until after the honeymoon, otherwise they’ll just go to waste.


How much is appropriate?

The amount you should spend on a wedding gift depends on how well you know the couple. Family and close friends should expect to give something worth at least $150, acquaintances  can have a smaller budget (we recommend a minimum of $75)


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Here are some of our favourite Wedding Gifts:

The Asiago Cheeseboard

A Celebration Toast

The Windrush Candlestick





General Information

New homeowners hold parties to “warm” the house. It is proper etiquette to take a housewarming gift on your first visit to someone's new home.


What is popular product?

Homemade goodies, fruit or vegetable basket, wine, flowers, home decor


Is there anything to avoid?

Home supplies which are unhandy or do not fit the homeowner’s lifestyle


How much is appropriate?

Your gift budget should depend on how well you know the homeowner, but typically smaller gifts are fine. We recommend a minimum of $25 for a decent bottle of wine!


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Here are some of our favourite Housewarming Gifts:

Canadiana Coffee Lovers

The Fruit Festival

The Kitchen Sink

Moso Natural Purifying Bag



Get Well

General Information


A thoughtful get well gift can really help cheer patients up and speed the healing process. As with any gift, consider the recipient's individual tastes to make the best impression.

What is popular product?

Books, magazines, puzzles, flowers, herbal tea and mugs, fuzzy socks or slippers, stuffed animal


Is there anything to avoid?

Do not send white flowers, as in many cultures they symbolize death.

If the recipient is in a hospital, there may be restrictions on what’s allowed in the ward – always check before sending your gift!


How much is appropriate?

Get well gift budgets can vary depending on the recipient’s condition. If it’s a minor illness, a lower budget is fine. If, on the other hand, they’re recovering from something major (e.g. a surgery), a higher budget is more appropriate.


Green & Green thought

Here are some of our favourite Get Well Gifts:

Get Well Sooner

Elegant Wishes

Sympathy Gift Box

Note of Cheer



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