Abundance in a Box

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A progressive perspective of how to double your goodwill.

Abundance in a Box© is about a journey that you undertake alone because it captures your own abundance. It is about the search for “delicious”. Delicious to you is very different from delicious from someone else, and it’s about what makes you happy. So it’s yours.
Abundance in a Box© is not a game you play for the evening and then abandon. It is about taking your journey with a new perspective, a new awareness of your everyday gratitude. About how little things make a huge impact – a delicious impact!

Each box is wrapped in kin-gin furi washi, a Japanese paper embedded with flecks of gold and silver. These represent the "Golden Moments" and "Silver Linings" of our everday lives. The box contains one Joy Deposit envelope and a description card with ideas about how to capture your abundance.

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